Who is Tony?

Leaders and Teams is essentially me, Tony Leake, although I can bring in other people when needed.

I began my career almost 40 years ago. Since then I have worked in many different industries and at all levels beginning from apprentice to director.

A common thread that runs through everything that I’ve done is problem solving. That, combined with my ability to foster trust and create relationships, gives me an edge.

Previous Clients

A small cross-section of companies that I have worked with includes the following:

I have:

  • Delivered training workshops for small companies with as few as 3 employees
  • Run training sessions within large multi-national companies
  • Designed and delivered a large-scale training programme for a FTSE 250 company
  • Worked in many different industry sectors including education, healthcare, accountancy and charities
  • Coached clients who are sole-traders as well as owners of multi-million pound businesses

I work with several local charities as a volunteer therapist/coach and have in the past been a member of the board of trustees for Mind, the mental health charity. I am currently serving as a community governor for a local secondary school.


The value that I bring comes from 2 areas.

My experience

I’ve worked on the ‘shop floor’, I’ve run large scale projects for multi million pound companies and I’ve devised solutions that have redefined how companies operate. I bring all of that experience to every assignment that I work on.

My training

I’m a qualified Master Practitioner of NLP. This has entailed (to date) over 500 hours of study, the majority of this has been in face to face sessions in small, immersive groups.

If you haven’t come across NLP before, that’s OK, it’s just one of the tools that I have in my toolkit.

A simple definition would be that it’s a framework and a set of tools which can be used to understand and affect the behaviour of others.

You could say that my work is NLP applied to people in the workplace.

Why Me?

Only you can answer that.

The work that I do is often referred to as soft skills. In that area the single most important factor that determines how well we will work together successfully is simply this: Am I a good fit for your organisation?

Whatever questions that you have, give me a call and let’s start a conversation.

An objective perspective.

According to a recent Clifton Strengths Finder assessment from Gallup. My top 5 strengths are:
People with strong Restorative talents love to solve problems. While some are discouraged when they encounter yet another breakdown, this energizes those with strong Restorative talents. They enjoy the challenge of analysing symptoms, identifying what is wrong and finding the solution. They like bringing things back to life by fixing them or rekindling their vitality. In short, they bring courage and creativity to problematic situations.
People with strong Strategic talents can sort through the clutter to find the best route. You can’t teach this skill. It is a distinct way of thinking a unique perspective on the world at large. This outlook allows them to see patterns where others see complexity. Mindful of these patterns, they envision alternative scenarios, always asking,“What if this happened?” This recurring question helps them see, plan and prepare for future situations. They see a way when others assume there is no way. Armed with this strategy, they move forward.
People with strong Futuristic talents love to peer over the horizon. They are fascinated by the future. They anticipate and imagine in detail what tomorrow could or should be. They usually see the future positively. While the details of the picture will depend on their other strengths and interests a better product, a better team, a better life or a better world it will always inspire them. This vision energizes themselves and others. They can paint a picture of the future for their team members.
People with strong Ideation talents are creative and appreciate originality. They relish free thinking experiences such as brain storming and discussion groups. They have a natural capacity to consider issues from multiple perspectives. They revel in taking the world we all know and turning it around so people can view it from a strangely enlightening angle. They think outside the box. They are fascinated by new ideas and concepts, which come to them easily. They love ideas because they can be profound, they can be novel, they can be clarifying, they can be contrary, and they can be bizarre. For all of these reasons, they derive a jolt of energy whenever a new idea occurs to them.
Things happen for a reason. Those with strong Connectedness talents are sure of it. They have a powerful conviction that everyone is connected. While each person is responsible for their own judgements and actions, those with strong Connectedness believe everyone is part of something larger. This belief implies certain responsibilities. Their awareness of these responsibilities creates their value system. They are considerate, caring and accepting. Confident in the unity of humankind, they build bridges for people of different cultures. The y give others comfort that there is a purpose beyond everyday existence. Their faith is strong. It sustains them and their close friends in the face of life’s mysteries.
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